‘Tony’ charms at Cannes

Tony small-talks his way into a Cannes Silver Lion.


advertiser: Janelle Lister, Pepsi-QTG Canada
agency: BBDO Canada, Toronto
ECD: Jack Neary
CD: Ian MacKellar
copywriter: Peter Ignazi
AD: Carlos Moreno
agency producer: Adrian Gunadi
account supervisors: Natalya Lukie, Kelly McGuire
prodco: Sons and Daughters
producer: Jeff Darragh
director: David Hicks
DOP: Alar Kivilo
editor: Griff Henderson
sound design: Pirate Radio & Television
post production: School Editing


Toronto won a Silver campaign Lion in Film for its Diet 7-Up spots ‘Elevator Small-Talk Tony’ and ‘Emoticon Susan.’


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