TV tidings

Bobino and Bobinette wish you a Joyeux Noel.


advertiser: PROXIM
agency: Bleublancrouge
client services: Benoît Chapellier, Jacynthe Prince
media: Claude Lamoureux, Charles Gaudreau, Charles Gélineau
creative: Maxime Paiement
agency production: Normand Vaillancourt
media creativity: Sophie Loiselle
advertising representative: Jean-Pierre Dumaine
production: Anne Plamondon
director: Marie-Hélène Copti
archive research: Stéphane Gourde, Louis L’Heureux
editing: Annie Deniel

Treasured holiday moments that you share with your favourite TV characters are part of what make the holidays so magical…for us anyways. Remember when Frosty put on the old silk hat? When Yukon Cornelius tamed the abominable snowman and helped Rudolph save Christmas? We sure do. Sentimental couch potatoes in Quebec might remember when Bobino and Bobinette wished them to have the best Christmas ever. The duo, as well as other iconic Quebec TV characters, like Rose-Anne and Joseph-Arthur from Temps d’une Paix and characters from Monde de Charlotte, are featured in a spot developed by Montreal-based Bleublancrouge and Radio-Canada for PROXIM, a Quebec group of independent pharmacists, wishing Quebecers of all generations a happy holiday.