UPS has packingderms

UPS shows that packing and shipping stuff doesn't have to be a high-wire act.


advertiser: The UPS Store
agency: Doner
EVP/CCO: Rob Strasberg
CD: Karen Cathel
VP/CD: Jimmy Kollin
senior copywriter: Michael Gorelic
AD: Andrew Wright
producer: Laurie Irwin
EVP account management director: Greg Gerfen
VP account director: Julie MacDonald
EVP, director of integrated production: Sheldon Cohn
prodco: Psyop, New York
director: Psyop
Psyop CD: Eben Mears
executive producer: Lucia Grillo
producer: Lydia Holness
associate producer: Kay Chen
designers: Ben Chan, Arisu Kashiwagi, Jungeun Jaye Kim, Kitty Lin, Helen Choi
lead technical director: Andreas Berner
live action prodco: Tool of North America
live action director: Tom Routson
live action executive producers: Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt
live action line producer: Jeff Tanner
live action production designer: Peter Benson
live action DOP: John Schwartzman
editorial: The Underground
editor (Psyop): Cass Vanini, Graham Brennan
music company: Elias Arts

This spot for The UPS Store, crafted by Doner and Psyop, takes place in a magical cardboard circus world where  ‘packingderms’ use their cardboard probosci to help rescue a cardboard woman who’s left hanging with items to be packed, showing that packing things doesn’t have to be a production with UPS…we guess. Who knew that cardboard boxes were so magical and action-packed. It reminds us of being a kid again, when a box could be anything. Unfortunately, unlike UPS, our cardboard contraptions never came with an army of packingderms.