What would Maris say?

A commercial narrated by Niles Crane? Ikea thought of that.


advertiser: IKEA Canada
agency: zig
executive CD: Martin Beauvais
ACD/Writer: Michael Murray
ACD/AD: Jason Hill
AD: Craig Ferguson
copywriter: Steve Barr
french writer: Gerald Coulombe
coach: Shelley Brown
planner: Mark Aronson
team leader: Lesley Rivard
project manager: Natalie Sammut
print specialist: Patti Ann Cochren
photographer: Stacey Brandford
IKEA designer: Janine Love
studio managers: William Leung and Mazen Masour
production manager: Jen Dark
studio operator: Cade Chan
retouching: Jeremy Thompson
agency producer: Alina Prussky
french producer: Liliane Clune
producer: Merrie Wasson
executive producer: Scott MacKenzie
production manager: Dave Watson
production coordinator: Pete Davidson
DOP: Andrij Parekh
prodco: Radke
director: Eric Lynne
editing house: Panic & Bob
editor: Brian Williams
editor’s assistant: Barry Potter
transfer: Notch
music company: RMW
music director: Ted Rosnick
sound designer: Tyson Kuteyi
media: Mindshare

This spot for Ikea Canada by zig utilizes the voice of David Hyde Pierce (a.k.a. Niles Crane from TV’s Frasier) to help exude the sense of serenity that some might feel when surrounded by an organized, accident-free home environment. Wait, accident free? As this commercial illustrates, Ikea products like the PAX wardrobe system help to avoid shoe avalanches. That’s right. They thought of that.