Young Lions: Film

Not everyone in the world can call 911.

Imagine you were at home, all by yourself, and then something bad happened. You were cutting vegetables with a little too much enthusiasm, you run afoul of a nail gun, you take a tumble down the stairs…whatever the case may be, just think what would happen if you injured yourself, perhaps bleeding profusely, and when you called 911 nobody picked up. It just kept ringing. Or maybe it didn’t ring at all. That’s the scenario that plays out in this simple, but effective film execution crafted by the winning Young Lions film catagory team of Joel Pylypiw and Chris Booth of DDB. Some people in less fortunate countries don’t have access to emergency services like 911. Which is the point the ad makes to prompt viewers to donate to Doctors Without Borders, and help sort that. 

This year 152 entries entered the Globe and Mail’s 2009 Young Lions competition in one of the four creative categories: print, film, cyber and media. The competition tasks ad professionals and students under 28 to come up with creative under a tight deadline, and the winners are sent to Cannes to compete in a similar simulated time-framed challenge at the International Young Lions Competition. This year’s Canadian brief was linked with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders, an independent international medical humanitarian organization.