Smoking can take the life right out of you.


agency: DDB Canada, Toronto
advertiser: Canadian Cancer Society – Smokers’ Helpline
CD: Andrew Simon
copywriter: Matt Antonello
AD: Paul Riss
producer: Andrew Schulze
account management: Jennifer Journeaux, Jeff Huether, Natalie Street
prodco: Sons and Daughters
director: Mark Zibert
line producer: Rob Allan
post-production company: AXYZ
editor: Peter McAuley
executive producer: Liane Thomas
online inferno artist: Joel Saunders (AXYZ)
transfer: Notch
audio: Ted Rosnick
AXYZ producer: Irene Payne

Toronto-based DDB developed this spot for the Canadian Cancer Scoiety Smokers’ Helpline in Ontario to help get smokers to reach out for support during the quitting process. To do that, they show what the long-term effects of smoking are in only one brief puff. It’s kind of similar to watching a news cast on regular TV and then switching to watch it in HD. All the wrinkles show.