If the car fits…

Smart cars can fit into some pretty tight places.


Advertiser: Smart Canada
agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada
CD: Ian Mackellar
AD: Jaimes Zentil
copywriter: Craig McIntosh
photographer: Shang Hoon
prop Builder: Haralds Gaikis, Uplis Ltd.

BBDO Toronto developed this execution for Smart Canada, coinciding with the opening of the 2010 Canadian International Autoshow, to educate urbanites on the Smart car’s most obvious benefit: it fits into really tight places. BBDO wedged giant shoehorns behind Fortwos parked throughout downtown Toronto to emphasize the point that, like a good pair of shoes, the Fortwo always fits – all well and good assuming, of course, you can actually find an available parking space in the city. Even one that could fit a Smart car.