Have you ever driven by a really bad car crash and wondered what the hell happened? Here's one where you can find out.


advertiser: Showcase
interactive studio: Jam3, Toronto
CDs: Pablo Vio, Adrian Belina
associate CD/VFX supervisor: Rafael Ludwig
technical director: Mark McQuillan
flash developer: Mikko Haapoja
interactive designer: Mike Montgomery
VFX: Capricorn8
VFX producer: Alex Krivoi
CG supervisor: Andrey Crivoi
VFX artist: Arteom Petrea
sound design: Quatro Sound Productions
prodco: Whizbang Films

Toronto-based Jam3 created this online game, Autotopsy, based on Showcase’s Crash & Burn, a drama which follows forensic crash investigator Jimmy Burn. Anyone who’s ever seen a horrible crash and wondered just what the heck happened will love this one as players get the chance to unravel the mystery behind a multi-car pile up. Any mystery that ties together propane tanks, a human heart and a sex doll is definitely worth solving.