Dogs have cool slow motion moments too, you know.


advertiser: Pedigree
agency: TBWAToronto
CD/writer: Mark Biernacki
CD/AD: Steph Mackie
producer: Margaret John
sound: Joey Serlin
vapor editor: Chris Parkins, Rooster
flame artist: Mike Bishop, Track & Field
director/DP: Bob Purman, Imported Artists Film Company
executive producer: Suzanne Allan, Imported Artists Film Company

TBWAToronto worked with Toronto-based prodco Imported Artists to create this 90-second spot, which will be airing in cinemas, for Pedigree. It’s an extended version of two TV spots for the brand that use slowmo to highlight just how much our canine companions anticipate a tasty treat - and that when we want them to jump for one, they don’t ask how high.