Some things make no sense whatsoever. Look up, is that a pig?


advertiser: CFRB Newstalk 1010
ECD: Martin Beauvais
associate CDs: Jason Hill, Michael Murray
writer: Steve Barr
AD: Craig Ferguson
coach: Grace Casteneda
planner: Lynn Sivec
team leader: Sheri Hachey
print production manager: Jen Dark
retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
studio artist: Cade Chan

The name Sarah Palin with the designation ‘best-selling author’ would befuddle even the greatest minds of our time. Unfortunately friends, it’s true. This ad for Toronto’s Newstalk 1010, developed by Zig, points out that the radio station can help listeners make sense of things that don’t. At least we know she’d never get elected President of the United States. Right? Maybe we should knock on wood.