Word spawn

Get freaky with those syllables and birth a new word.

Ah, there’s nothing like a trip to the doctor. The barbaric instruments, the flimsy “robes,” the compromising positions. Then your doctor starts talking politics. But somehow you’re too distracted by the sound of paper crinkling under your bare bottom to care much about proroguing parliament. This, according to Verbotomy.com, is termed “medigab – the small talk used by professional caregivers to put patients at ease.” (Unsuccessfully.)

Verbotomy.com is a project by Billiam James, a Toronto-based artist, writer and programmer, which lets users create and vote on new words. A friend and I just submitted “complinot,” a diss that sounds like a compliment, e.g. Your friend walks up to you with a hairstyle absurd enough to draw attention at a Lady Gaga concert and you exclaim “wow, now THAT’S a hair-do.”

This week’s Frandoms are by Theras Wood at Soda & Tonic.