Agency extinction

In the future, ad agencies go the way of the dinosaur.


advertiser: FITC
agency: Saatchi + Saatchi, Canada
executive CD: Brett Channer
CD: Helen Pak
ACD: Brian Sheppard
AD: Helen Pak
copywriter: Brian Sheppard
agency producer/head of integrated production: Jen Mete
prodco: Tool
director: Jason Zada
DOP: Ketil Dietrichson
executive producer: Brian Latt
line producer: Kelly Christianson
production designer: Gary Matteson
edit house: Rooster Editor, Richard Unruh
colourist: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego
flame artist: Mike Bishop, Track & Field
music company: Pirate Radio and Television
music executive producer: Tom Eymundson
music composer: Brendan Quinn
principal performer: Clive Ash
digital production: Lunch, Amy Miranda

The FITC wanted to attract ad agency delegates to its global design and technology conferences, so it enlisted the aid of Saatchi Canada. Since its conferences specialize in the digital world, Saatchi felt it was important that potential delegates understand what’s at stake, now that consumers are increasingly in charge of what they see. Thus, this video, which like Marty McFly takes you back to the future. Spoiler alert: in the future, you are museum fodder.