Love bots

This just goes to show you that sometimes you have to give an arm and a leg in relationships.


advertiser: Absolut Vodka
agency: TBWAChiatDay
title: I’m Here
writer/director: Spike Jonze
cast: Andrew Garfield, Sienna Guillory
producer: Vincent Landay
executive producers: Mark Figliulo, Matt Bijarchi
DOP: Adam Kimmel, A.S.C.
editors: Eric Zumbrunnen, A.C.E., Stephen Berger
production designer: Floyd Albee
casting by: Justine Baddeley & Kim Davis-Wagner
costume designer: Casey Storm
robot designer: Sonny Gerasimowicz
sound designer: Ren Klyce
original score: Sam Spiegel
music: There Are Many of Us by Aska Matsumiya
Lost Trees Music produced by: Nick Zinner
VFX supervisor: Ben Gibbs
VFX by: Method Studios
produced in association with: MJZ

This 30-minute short film, called I am Here, is a creative collaboration between Absolut Vodka and writer/director Spike Jonze. The film was first unveiled at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, but is now available to watch online. Check it out here. It’s the story of Sheldon, a sad-eyed robot librarian who one day meets Francesca, a free-spirited femme-bot. They meet, fall in love, and illustrate the give and take that’s involved in relationships. There’s nothing like young robot love, huh? Speaking of cyber relationships, if you want someone to watch it with, you can do so over Facebook.