House cozy

Natural gas is the softest of warmths.


advertiser: Aardgas
agency: TBWABrussels
CD: Jan Macken
creation: Michael Mikiels, Eric Maerschalck
account: Christine Robie
TV producers: Mieke Vandewalle, Laurent Van Ausloos
prodco: Lovo
director: Olivier Babinet
producer: Bert Brulez
D.O.P.: Frank Van den Eeden
music: Etienne Charry

When tasked with applying a texture to the feeling of warmth, TBWABrussels decided that the softness of wool would make the best visual representation of the comfort provided by natural gas heat. So, for this spot, they busted out their knitting needles – we’re assuming a whole bunch of them – and knitted a giant cozy. A house cozy to be exact. Only in heaven did we think there would be a house where the need for socks would be completely eliminated. Showering might be tough though.