Be nimble

Driving a Mini can be exhilarating. A little too exhilarating.


advertiser: Mini Canada
agency: Taxi 2
executive CD: Lance Martin
AD: Mike Blanch
writer: Alanna Nathanson
agency producer: Kevin Saffer
prodco: OPC
director: Woods & Low
prodco producer: Dwight Phipps
executive producer: Harland Weiss
cinematographer: James Gardner
editor: Griff Henderson
video post facility/editing company: POSTERBOY
compositor/online: Andres Kirejew, AXYZ
colourist/transfer: Bill Ferwerda, Notch
audio post facility/music house: Grayson Matthews
music producer: The Midways
mixer: Tom Westin
composer: The Midways
sound design: Dave Sorbara
asting: Michael Stevenson, Fade To Black
account director: Jared Stein
account manager: Tina Tieu
media agency: Media Experts
media agency planner: Kareem Boulos

Toronto-based Taxi 2 developed this TV ad for Mini, a medium from which the car company has taken a lengthy hiatus up until now. It shows just how much fun driving around in the little cars can be. So much so, that it can have a strange, strange effect on the body.


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