Becks and Storm

Two are better than one.


advertiser: Pedigree
agency: Proximity, Canada
CD: John Gagne
associate CD: Ari Elkouby
AD: Theo Gibson
copywriter: Ryan Lawrence
project manager: Kathy Herrera
client services: Priyanka Goswami
animation/design/VFX house: TOPIX
producer: Cathy Jefferies
AD/animator: Julia Deakin

Proximity in Toronto worked with animation, design and VFX house Topix, also in Toronto, to create this cute little animated tale of two pups, Becks and Storm, and the road they took to find the perfect family. It lives online and is one of three vids promoting the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Every time one of the videos is viewed, Pedigree will donate $1 participating shelters across Canada. To check out the others go here. We dare you not to say ‘awwwwww!’