Pandora effect

The world of Avatar lives in Toronto's Union Station.


advertiser: Fox Home Entertainment
agency: Timbol Design
media: Zenithoptimedia

To promote the upcoming release of James Cameron’s Avatar, Fox Home Entertainment recreated the alien world of Pandora in Toronto’s Union Station with a multimedia domination, the largest ever implemented in the bustling commuter hub. Included are: a 15-foot replica of the ‘Hometree’ the…um…hometree of the Na’vi; the 10-foot tall blue aliens featured in the film; 2D versions of the film’s main (human) characters; large-scale decals on the walls, floors and pillars; and platform digital screens that roll footage from the film. For those who became depressed at the prospect of not being able to live in the fictional world after seeing the movie (there are actually documented cases of this…seriously…it’s called the ‘Pandora Effect’) don’t fret, you have four weeks to get your fix.