Future soldier

Tom Clancy is no longer so much a famous writer as a famous name attached to many videogames.


advertiser: Ghost Recon
agency: Ubisoft
agency producer: Laurent Masson
agency production manager: Delphine Blaineau
prodco: Little Minx
director: Ben Mor
DP: Dan Bronks
president: Rhea Scott
executive producer: Marjie Abrahams
head of production: Elicia Laport
post FX: Asylum
VFX supervisor: Marc Varisco
compositing supervisor: Jonny Hicks
CG supervisor: Zach Tucker
head of design: Simon Cassels
roto supervisor: Eissa Bello
executive producer: Michael Pardee
VFX producer: Mark Kurtz
VFX Coordinators: Jennie Burnett and Christine Felman
compositors: Jonny Hicks, Rob Moggach, Tim Davies
designers: Simon Cassels, Stanley Ng, Tony Meister, Michael Tello
lead animator: Michael Warner
lighting: Yuichiro Yamashita and Matthew Maude
tracking: Michael Lori, Ian Doss, Jason Locke
modeling: Greg Stuhl, Chad Fehmie, Lersak Bunupuradah
roto artists: Huey Carroll, Stephanie Ide, Midori Witsken, Hugo Dominguez, Daniel Linger, Chris Cortese, Zac Chowdhury, Kenneth Lui
texture painters: John Hart, Brian Ripley
editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
editor: David Brodie
assistant editor: Andrew Manne
executive producer: Carol Lyn Weaver
producer: Tricia Butler
telecine: New Hat
colourist: Beau Leon
music co: Ludifactory Studio
composer: Tom Salta
music and sound supervisor: Sylvain Brunet
associate music supervisor: Pierre Chambon
mixer: Martin Dutasta
sound design: Wildfire Post-Production Studios
sound designer: Leslie Shatz

When it comes to Tom Clancy, two things are certain. First, he knows his war zones. Second, his videogames rock. His latest game, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, is set in wartorn Moscow sometime in the future, and if this trailer is any indication, it should be simply awesome. Ubisoft got together with prodco Little Minx and post-FX shop Asylum to create this little gem.