Go car go!

The littlest speed demon on the block.


advertiser: Nissan
agency: TBWAToronto
CD: Allen Oke, James Ansley, Mark Mason
copywriter: Allen Oke, James Ansley
AD: Mark Mason
agency producer: Nadya MacNeil
director: Terri Timely
production company: Hard Citizen
executive producer: Eva Preger, Link York, Jacinte Faria
head of production: Rob Burns
line producer: David Lambert
director of photography: Donavan Sell
RC operator: Carlos Auerbach
model maker: Alan Wolfe
editorial: Mark Morton/Jackie Roda, School Editing
music: Joey Serlin, Vapor Music
director of digital media arts: Tasha Dean
agency digital producer: Lindsay Hutchison
flash developers: Niral Patel/Joeddy Mathurin
director of earned media: Trevor Campbell
director of marketing, Nissan: Mark McDade
account director: Richard Phillips
account supervisor: Trevor Byrne

At first glance, this spot by TBWAToronto for the Nissan SE-R looks like just another sleek car commercial, following the vehicle as it speeds past warehouses. But when it hits a surburban street, we see that it’s actually a tiny toy car, complete with its own little (awesome) doggy-door in the garage. The idea is that if you think the little one looks like fun, wait till you take the big one for a spin. Miniaturizing makes everything cooler.