Reversal of fortune

Eating disorders are backwards.


client: Eating Disorder Education Organization
agency: Wax, Calgary
ECD: Joe Hospodarec
CD and Writer: Sebastien Wilcox
ADs: Joel Arbez, Ernest Burden
production house: Film Bratz
producer: Hans Dys
director: Jeff August
director of photography: Sid Bailey
production art director: Brad Kaughman
music: Mass Undergoe
singer: David Isbister

This spot called ‘Ice Cream,’ created by Calgary-based Wax for the Eating Disorder Education Organization, recently won Best in Show at the Anvil Awards. By simply playing a clip of a woman eating ice cream in reverse, it conveys a powerful message about the backwards nature of eating disorders. Aside from the haunting reversed music in the background, this spot says volumes without a single word spoken.