Inside the job hunt

Workopolis helps job hunters see beyond the job posting.


advertiser: Workopolis
agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CDs: Zak Mroueh, Joseph Bonnici
copywriter: George Ault
French copywriter: Martin Belanger
AD: Simon Au
music: Apollo Music
director: Craig Brownrigg
prodco: Radke Films
account supervisor: Dic Dickerson
agency producer: Bette Minott
editor: John Evans, Panic & Bob
post production Co.: AXYZ

A lot of job search websites only let the job hunter learn as much about the company and job they’re interested in as what’s listed on the job posting. Workopolis wants to make things a little bit more efficient for its visitors. As this spot by Zulu Alpha Kilo points out, Workopolis helps job hunters to see beyond the job posting, to get right to the heart of what a company is. And they don’t even need x-ray specs.