Love of learning

Classrooms can be magical places.


advertiser: Smart Technologies
agency: Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG
CD: Ron Tite
associate CD: Michael Willson
AD: Gira Moin
writer: Erin Beaupre
designer: Pierre Marly
executive producer: Francesca Marchese
VP, director of client services & planning: Jeff Plowman
strategic planner: Alice Schaffer
account director: Jessica Portmann
director: Judy Welfare
prodco: We are Plus
executive producer: Zu Al-Kadiri
producer: Agustin Ortiz (for Pioneer)
line producer: Kea Alcock
technical director: Seth Pomerantz
lead animator: Peter Wallach
animators: Matthew Amonson, Jeremy Bronson, David Bell
flash animator: Aleth Romanillos
animator/compositors: Adam Stockett, Luis Simoes
editor: Renato Sorbara, AWZ
music and sound design: RMW

This video was developed for Smart Technologies by Toronto’s Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG. It’s part of the brand’s first global mass market campaign ever, ‘Love of Learning,’ on which Sharpe Blackmore is the lead agency. It extols the virtues of the company’s interactive whiteboards while celebrating the important role teachers can play. This particular video shows how the whiteboards can create a rich learning environment, making classrooms a magical place. Where were they when we were kids? They’ve effectively killed the punishment factor of writing things repeatedly on the chalkboard after school. It doesn’t work when you can copy and paste.