Tic flip

This skateboarder knows how to pull off one sweet trick.


advertiser: Tic Tac
agency: CTV Creative Agency
CD: Randall Graham
director/producer: Chris Wong
DOPs: Adam Makarenko, Kaan Akalin
production manager: Laurence Payne
brand partnership coordinator: Sonia Whiteson

The above video is a promo for Tic Tac’s ‘Small Fun Revolution’ contest. An extension of the digital campaign developed by Noise in Toronto, customized spots like the one above aired in a content integration with MuchMusic’s MOD, to encourage viewers to compete for $5,000 by submitting video entries showcasing inventions crafted from Tic Tacs (boxes or candies). The partnership with Much is an attempt to engage the network’s youth audience, realizing that the best way to instill creativity in teens is through their stomachs, by way of their sweet tooth.