Netflix and Wii get medieval.


advertiser: Netflix
CD/Co. chairman: Jeff Goodby
group CD: Jim Elliott
AD: Cris Logan
writer: Jon Wolanske
producer: Jennie Lindstrom
account director: Angie Ziebell
account manager: Julia Gilbert
asst account manager: Di Dang
prodco: Anonymous Content
director: Markus Walter
line producer: Adam Gross
DOP: Ekkehart Pollack
editorial company: Arcade Edit, Los Angeles
editor: Geoff Hounsell
asst aditor: Will Hasell
post producer: Ali Reed
VFX: The Mill, Los Angeles
executive producer: Sue Troyan
producer: Krystina Shales
VFX supervisor: Phil Crowe
lead flame artist: Chris Knight
flame assists: Shane Zinkhon, Steve Cokonis
graphics info: Red $9 animation completed by GSP Motion Graphics
sound design: Human
Final Music: Human
telecine: Stefan Sonnenfield, Co3
mix: Rohan Young, Lime

Goodby and Silverstein play on many a medieval movie cliche in this spot promoting Netflix and Wii Twist – knight goes on quest, leaves behind sad and worried maiden, but leaves a token of his undying love with her so that she might always look toward the day he will return. Of course, the ‘piece of him’ this guy leaves his maiden isn’t exactly the norm in the days of yore, but at least she can help deal with her grief by checking out many more movie cliches thanks to Netflix. If she manages to figure out how to use it, that is.