Gorilla and the girls

Girl meets gorilla, gorilla meets girl.


advertiser: Dairy Farmers of Canada
agency: Due North Communications
SVP/CD: Karen Howe
ACD/AD: Shawn Wells
senior writer: David Gee
animation: Head Gear
director: Steve Angel
producer: Kathryn Rawson
lead animator: Luke Mistruzzi
compositors: Ivan Neveu, Daniel Lefebre
Sound design: David Krystal and Dino Cuzzolino, Krystal Music,
cinema mix: Doane LeBlanc

This spot for the Dairy Farmers of Canada, developed by Toronto-based Due North Communications, may look 2D now, but come June 25th, it’ll be 3D in theatres. It’s the fourth in a series of 3D cinema spots from the Dairy Farmers of Canada and is a harrowing tale of fly meets girl, girl meets gorilla, gorilla meets girl, group is reacquainted with fly, which takes viewers from the mean city streets to the heavens above. Imagine the cow at the end in 3D. Awesome.