The big hit

This dummy lives for the big hit. And a Kit Kat Chunky.


advertiser: Kit Kat
agency: JWT
CD: Martin Shewchuk
AD: Craig Markou
copywriter: Colin Winn
editing: Stealing Time
producer: Donna Heffernan
animation & VFX: Topix
producer: Diana D’Amelio
animation director: Greg Klein
animators: Kim Leow, Tim Penner, Chris Johnson
tracking: Nguyen Tran
rigging: Alan Fregtman
lighting: Livio Passera
VFX supervisor: Rob Del Ciancio
assistant flame artist: Matt Dochstader

Our crash-testing friend here (we figure that they might not like being called dummies) is living the dream. For him there’s nothing quite like the thrill of driving a car into a wall at 60+ km/hr and the big hit of chocolate he gets from a Kit Kat Chunky. Unfortunately, taking a timeout to eat one is probably not the only break he’s going to get during his day.


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