The kicking tee… all this year's Argos team has in common with last year's team.


advertiser: Toronto Argonauts
agency: Bensimon Byrne
CDs: David Rosenberg
associate CDs: Troy Palmer, Mike Lee
AD: Mike Belanger
copywriter: Matej Novak
account manager: Andrew Livey

The new CFL season will soon be upon us and with new owners and a new coach. This radio spot and accompanying print ads want fans to know that this year’s iteration of the Toronto Argonauts is not like the titantic disappointment that was last year’s squad. Developed by Toronto-based Bensimon Byrne, the print features two Argos players, Andre Durie and Jeff Johnson, and explains that the only thing that this year’s team has in common with last is the kicking tee, and that the off-season training included losing the dead weight. The radio ads feature the team’s coach, Jim Barker and his musings on the team, including unusually named QB candidate Cleo Lemmon. We like that name too.