Superhero soiree

With great rack comes great responsibility.


advertiser: Rethink Breast Cancer
agency: Bensimon Byrne
Sr. VP/CD: David Rosenberg
CD: Jon Toews
associate CD: Jen Wilson
ADs: Glen D’Souza, Alexandra Wells, Lynne Stafford
copywriters: Gabrielle Makarewicz, Jessie Sorell
illustrator: Geoff Donovan
jr. mac artist: Matthew Szulczewski
account managers: Wendy Doan, Tanya Winter
art and photography manager: Robyn Smale
print production manager: Steve Barrett
interactive artist: Bryan Crisostomo
sr. web developer: Cris Mendis
interactive developer: Matthew Ruten
jr. flash developer: Michael Phan
account director: Carissa Dougall
account managers: Christina Cannizzaro, Micha Goddard
Director of PR: Lindsay Mattick-Davidson
photographer: Tyler Gray
assistants: Warren Hrycun, Andy Vanderkaay
producer: Kirsten Nichols

This clever poster by Toronto-based Bensimon Byrne was done to promote an event held by Rethink Breast Cancer’s recent superhero-themed romp at the Steam Whistle Brewery. The tagline for the event played on sage advice given to a young Peter Parker by his ill-fated Uncle Ben: ‘With great rack comes great responsibility.’ Many a superhero showed up to demonstrate their support for the cause (seriously, there were a ton of capes there). For those without costumes, the effort included a website to design your own superhero get-up.