Goth Queen

Sometimes change is good and resistance is futile.


agency: Taxi Montreal
CD: Jean-François Houle
writers: Linda Dawe, Josiane Cossette, Simon Gouache, Karine Bouchard, Étienne Théberge
AD: Stéphane Gaulin
agency video producer: Emilie Trudeau-Rabinowicz
video director: Nicolas Fransolet
DOP: Jérôme Sabourin
video production: Alt
video producer: Jérôme Couture
music: Apollo
sound: Sonart
agency web producers: Philippe Rollin, Andrea Schumeth
interactive programming: ALT, Digiflare
photographer (web): John Londono
WEB GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Roxana Brongo, Katherine Bonnot
account director: Julie Simon
account managers: Marie-Ève Verreault, Jessica Wong
strategic planners: Julie Lemonde, Fanny Chabot
media: M2 Universal

As this young lady discovers in this online spot by Taxi Montreal promoting the launch of, you can’t be a goth forever. Especially when your profession requires you not to scare the living bejesus out of small children. Thus, you should change. And when you’re ready to make that change, will be there so your email address can reflect your evolution from your earlier persona, who had a ridiculous email moniker, to your new self, who has a normal, non-cringe-inducing email address.