Nut facts

Everything you wanted to know about testes.


advertiser: Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Scotia
CD, partner: Matthew Allen
senior copywriter: John Smith
AD: Sam Archibald
senior account executive: Mike Bardsley
account coordinator: Cherl D’Eon

Did you know that a right whale has the largest testes of any animal and that they each weigh around 500 kg? Those are some big balls and that’s a fact that appears on a new brochure for the Canadian Cancer Society in Nova Scotia. Designed by Bedford, Nova Scotia-based Revolve, the brochure aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer to men, and women, using a humorous format that’s not as embarassing as the stodgy medical pamphlets found in doctors’ offices. One thing we learned is that bees, aside from their size, have it pretty bad when it comes to their balls. Why? Read the brochure and find out.