Grover builds good forts.


agency: Rogers Townsend
CCO: Tom Townsend
AD: Nathaniel Bull
copywriter: Ben Bohling
account supervisor: Patty Ivey
business manager: Kathy Goebel
producer: Bob Wendt
prodco: Biscuit Filmworks USA
director: Russ Lamoureux
senior executive producer: Shawn Lacy
executive producer: Colleen O’Donnell
producer: Lisa Stockdale
DOP: Mandy Walker
production designer: Kirt Johnson
editorial: Filmcore Editorial
editor: Brian Lagerhausen
executive producer: Jon Ettinger
Sesame Street: GROVER
executive producer: Christina Delfico
special projects associate producer: Livia Beasley
Henson: Grover
Henson set design: Jason Weber
muppet captain: Kevin Clash
puppeteers: Grover
Grover: Eric Jacobson
agent: Susan Phillips
Grover’s right hand: Lara Maclean
agent: Nicole Kouveras
animation/CG (SID): The Jim Henson Company
VFX supervisor: Steffen Wild
head of digital production: Kerry Shea
department coordinator: Donny Kennedy
animation/CG (SUPER WHY): Core Digital Animation
head of sales: Candice Day

What do Grover, Clifford and Curious George all have in common? A Daytime Emmy, that’s what. This spot for PBS featuring the three, which was developed by St. Louis-based Rogers Townsend and L.A.-based prodco Biscuit Filmworks, won one. It notes that any adventure needs a good guide. And hey, who wouldn’t have wanted Grover to come over to build a fort when they were five? And not only would Clifford be cool to hang out with while stargazing, but he’d make one heck of a guard dog too.

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