The Happiness Project

If happiness was an ice cream flavour, it'd be made by Greg's.


advertiser: Greg’s Ice Cream
agency: Organic Toronto
ECD: Anthony Wolch

Greg’s Ice Cream’s raison d’être is to turn Torontonians’ frowns upside down. That’s why during the G20 weekend in Toronto, a period that saw many residents feeling anything but jovial, they decided to spread smiles by handing out over 2,000 samples of ice cream to people and getting them to have a little bit of fun while taking a break from the heat, weather-related and otherwise. This video shows how a cool treat can go a long way towards lifting spirits. It’s also posted on the recently created Greg’s Ice Cream website, an online forum for happiness that includes a message from founder Greg Mahone, the 20 happiest videos on YouTube and a happiness randomizer. That’s a lot of happy.