Wayne Oscar Wedlaw unleashes his inner wild-man.


advertiser: Atlantic Lottery Corporation
agency: Revolve
senior AD: Kevin Fidgen
senior copywriter: John Smith
ADs: Sam Archibald, Eric Miller
copywriter: Graham North
CD/partner: Matthew Allen
account director: Karen Macpherson
senior client counsel: Nelson Angel
directors: Matt Eastman, Sammy Ray Welch
producers: Laurie Blank
agency producer: Sara Thomas, Egg Films
prodco: Egg Films
media Co: Time+Space Media Ltd.
VP: Meg Vis
account manager: Anne Beadle
account executive: Jennifer Hamilton
website Dev. Co: Splashdot Inc.
CEO: Patrick Watson
CD: Dan Derkson

Wayne Oscar Wedlaw is the Tony Robbins-esque motivational speaker who serves as the spokesperson for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation in its ‘WOW’ campaign, developed by Bedford, Nova Scotia-based Revolve. With his upbeat tone and ‘winspirational’ vernacular, he helps people see the WOW features of ALC’s scratch ‘n’ win games. In this video, he pontificates on the benefits of releasing one’s leather and burnt rubber-smelling inner tough guy.