Airborn burgers

McDonald's kicks off the great burger debate.


advertiser: McDonald’s
agency: Fjord
media: OMD
PR: GolinHarris

Acknowledging that Canada might very well be split over what burger is the best, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese or the Big Mac, McDonald’s decided to choose the most neutral place in the country it could think of to kick of a debate on the issue: Landmark, Manitoba, the longitudinal centre of the country. Developed by Fjord, with media handled by OMD and PR by GolinHarris, the effort lets burger aficionados weigh in on the issue via Mickey D’s Facebook page, where live streaming video shows balloon versions of the burgers in the air above Landmark. Votes for each burger determine their balloon doppleganger’s progress in the sky. Highest burger wins. Check out a teaser explaining the whole thing on YouTube. Mmmm…burgers.