DieHard piano

DieHard Battery gets Gary Numan to play a car piano. Can you guess what he played?


advertiser: DieHard Battery
agency: Y&R Chicago
CCO: Ken Erke
associate CDs: Todd Taber, Jamie Overkamp
head of production: Brian Smego
producer: Luke Rzewnicki
director: James Frost
prodco: Zoo Film
executive producer: Gower Frost
line producer: Sam Khazaeni
DOP: Dermott Downs
production designer: Jason Hamilton
experiential design company: Syyn Labs
editorial company: Optimus, Chicago
producer: Tracy Spera
editor: Ruben Vela
assistant editor: Jill DiBiase
colourist: Craig Leffel
audio engineer: Joel Anderson
music: Beta Petrol

As this spot by Y&R Chicago will show you, DieHard car batteries are powerful. So much so, in fact, that they were able to power an entire car piano. And not only that, but it’s being played by Gary Numan. And what did Gary Numan play on his piano made of cars, you ask? ‘Chopsticks.’ Okay…we’re joking. He played ‘Cars.’ He kinda had to, we suppose. Anyway, if Gary Numan’s impressed then so are we.