Bud helps Canadians phone home.


advertiser: Budweiser
agency: Grip Limited

You know what sucks? Phone bills. Budweiser agrees. With the help of Grip and Cambridge, ON-based Fibernetics’ Voice Over IP (VOIP) service Freephoneline.ca, the beerco is helping Canadians avoid fees by allowing them to access a free, computer-based phone line to speak to family and friends across the country. It all starts with a free softphone application that will turn Macs and PCs into a phone line outfitted with a local, seven-digit phone number, fully enhanced voicemail service, follow-me capabilities and VOIP 911 services. People can use the service to call Canada and receive calls from anywhere in the world for free. Budweiser launched the project via their Facebook page. So, now, not only does beer connect people in the bar, but on the phone too. Remember the ‘Wasssup’ commercials that were so popular? Yeah…that’s all we have to say about that.