Love opulence

Direct TV wants to know, do you 'likes savings the money?'


advertiser: Direct TV
agency: Grey, New York
CCO: Tor Myhren
executive CD: Todd Tilford
CD: Luis Romero
associate CD: Jon Kallus
copywriter: Jon Kallus
AD: Luis Romero
director of broadcast production: Bennett McCarroll
agency producer: Matthew Flaherty
director of music production: Josh Rabinowitz
music producer: Don McNally
director: Tim Godsall
prodco: Biscuit Filmworks USA
senior executive producer: Shawn Lacy
executive producer: Holly Vega
line producer: Rick Jarjoura
DOP: Darko Suvak
editor: Geoff Hounsell
editorial company: Arcade Edit
VFX: The Mill
sound design: Sound Lounge
sound designer: Phillip Loeb

Opulence kicks ass. Who wouldn’t want super hot models serving you up a tray of solid gold bars. All of this could perhaps be yours, as this spot by Grey New York points out, if you ‘jump in it’ and choose Direct TV. Hey, with the possibility of developing a crazy Russian accent and the potential of owning a mini house giraffe, you better believe we’d jump in it. Oh yeah. We’d jump in it real good.