Orlov family history

You say market, they say meerkat.


advertiser: Comparethemarket.com
agency: VVCP, London

The words market and meerkat are fairly similar and it’s proven to be a bit of an issue for Aleksandr Orlov, the aristocratic founder of Comparethemeerkat.com. People searching for the website Comparethemarket.com keep coming to his website to look for car insurance instead of meerkats. This vid features Aleksandr regaling the viewer with the third part of the story of how his family started Comparethemeerkat.com. As you may have guessed, this campaign created by London-based VCCP, is actually for Comparethemarket.com, though the agency did create a Comparethemeerkat.com site that houses all sorts of goodies, like videos, ringtones and text alerts. And, yes, you can compare meeerkats.