Spreading the tale of the Quarter Ponder Deluxe is not for mere mortals.


advertiser: McDonald’s
agency: Cossette, Vancouver
CDs: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
copywriter: Mike Felix
AD: Bart Batchelor
producer: Mike Hasinoff
account supervisors: Nadine Wilson, Cori White, Kristen Sandberg
prodco: Soft Citizen
executive producer: Eva Preger, Link York
head of production: Rob Burns
producer: Merrie Wasson
director: The Perlorian Brothers
DOP: Stoeps Langensteiner
editor: Brian Wells
post-production: School Editing
executive producers: Sarah Brooks, Amanda Lariviere
VFX: Dashing Collective
VFX artist: Robert Moggach
executive producer: Danielle Lyons
sound: Vapor Music
executive producer: Lindsey Bates, Jon Leung
CD: Joey Serlin
musical director: Gerry Mosby
composer: Vapor Music
sound engineers: Julian Rudd, Andrew Harris

This ad for McDonald’s by Cossette Vancouver unveils the new Quarter Pounder Deluxe. It’s like the old Quarter Pounder, but better, with bacon, lettuce and tomato, and is McDonald’s way of showing its customers that it loves to make things better. So much so that the job of telling people about it couldn’t be left to boring Joe Office Worker. The amazingness of such a burger clearly warranted fanfare including fighter jets, a lightning god and, yes, even a double rainbow. Let your freaking out begin.