Along came a spider

Mentos' spider was bitten by 10 radioactive men.


advertiser: Mentos
agency: BBH, London
CDs: Dave Monk, Mark Waller
AD: Nadine Akle
copywriter: Alex Ball
agency producer: Ben Davies
prodco: Stink
executive producer: Blake Powell
producer: Simon Eakhurst
director: Brian Lee Hughes
DoP: Ulrik Boel Bentzen
editor: Spencer Ferszt, Marshall Street Editors
post production: The Mill, London

Along comes a spider. Your girlfriend’s freaking out because she’s scared of spiders and it’s walking across your carpet. She wants you to do something about it. This spot for Mentos, by BBH in London, nicely illustrates why it would be good if you could predict what’s coming next in that situation. Normally you would just walk over with a trusty tissue and end his little life for having the audacity to take a leisurely stroll in your apartment…normally.