The sage

Sapporo's scrolls can take you places.


advertiser: Sapporo
agency: Dentsu Canada
CDs: Glen Hunt, Les Soos
writers: Glen Hunt, Dhaval Bhatt
ADs: Les Soos, David Glen
agency producer: Sharon Kosokowsky
strategic planner: Jeff McCrory
account director: Tim Binkley
digital prodco: Lollipop, Toronto
CD: Michael Gramlow
executive producer: Amanda Loughran
interactive producer: Laurie Del Bel
sage live action producer: Dani Tedesco
flash developer: Tim Scollick
web developer: Amanda Lutz
directors: Mark Zibert, Sons and Daughters and Gary Thomas, Crush
live action prodco: Sons and Daughters, Toronto
VFX: Crush, Toronto
music: Grayson Matthews, Toronto

This website, part of Sapporo’s ‘Legendary Biru’ campaign, which was developed by Dentsu Canada, takes visitors on a mystical journey that reveals the brewing process. They are guided by the Sage, who is a seeming cross between Buddha and Pai Mei (the beard-stroking dude from Kill Bill Vol.2), learning about the beer along the way by acquiring scrolls, some of which are easier to acquire than others. Those astute enough to uncover all 15 are entered to win a trip to Japan.