Chuck and Vince

Electronics. The City of Toronto wants them.


advertiser: Toronto Solid Waste Management Services
agency: Publicis Toronto
executive CD: Duncan Bruce
CD/writer: Pat Pirisi
AD: Kenneth Fothergill
agency producer: Siobhan Quinn
prodco: Spy Films
director: Trevor Cornish
DOP: Simon Shohet
exec producer: Peter Oad
post production: Rooster
editor: Dave De Carlo
music: Pirate Toronto

In the spirit of those ‘we give cash for gold’ commercials you see on TV all the time – the ‘Cashman’ et al. – Publicis put together this online video for the City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division to encourage Torontonians to recycle their used electronics. These two classy dudes are very emphatic about how badly they want your electronics and they really seem to have a thing for speakers in particular.