Guys’ night out

It's just as much about getting to Casino Rama as it is playing the games.


advertiser: Casino Rama
agency: Marshall Fenn Communications
AD: Pat Lore
copywriter: Mike Vinakmens
CD: James Dunlop
acct director: Oren Tal
acct supervisor: Laura Davis
agency producer: Anna Tricinci
director: Paul Street
DoP: Joseph DeSalvo
line producer: Taylor Pinson
editor: Dave DeCarlo
music: Rocco Gagliese, Eggplant

This spot for Casino Rama is one of three, developed by Marshall Fenn Communications in Toronto, showing that one of the best things about going to the casino is the anticipation of good times. That’s why the spots, one depicting guys’ night out, another girls’ night out, and the final couples’ night out, are shot in reverse, starting with the winning moment. We wish that our casino experiences had all ended like these commercials start, but, sadly, no dice.