So they don’t have to

Xerox is ready for real business.


advertiser: Xerox
agency: Young & Rubicam, New York
CCOs: Ian Reichenthal, Scott Vitrone
global CD: Darren Moran
associate CD/AD: Kleber Menezes
associate CD/copywriter: Corey Rakowsky
senior copywriter: James Maravetz
directors of content production: Lora Schulson, Nathy Aviram
executive producer of content production: Alex Gianni
assistant producer: Craig Sklaver
senior broadcast manager: Debra Horvath
prodco: O Positive
director: Jim Jenkins
executive producer: Ralph Laucella
line producer: Ralph Laucella
DoP: Frederick Elmes
editing house: MacKenzie Cutler
editor: Dave Koza
assistant: Kristy Faris
producer: Melissa Miller
smoke artist: Jim Hayhow
smoke assistant: Adrianna Merlucci
sound designer/mixer: Sam Shaffer
audio company: Sound Lounge NY
mixer: Philip Loeb
telecine: CO3
colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
FX company: The Mill
CD: Ben Smith
lead 3D animator: Ruben Vandebroek
3D animator: James Williams
3D modeling: Piotr Glabsinki
flame artist: Mark French
combustion artist: Randy Krueger
VFX producers: Jared Yeater, Cat Scott

Ducati’s strength is making wicked-awesome fast motorcycles, not making copies. This commercial is part of a campaign developed by Y&R in New York for Xerox that shows that the company’s partnerships with brands like Ducati allow them to focus on their strengths as opposed to worrying about things that Xerox can easily take care of. For example, in this spot, Xerox says it focuses on managing Ducati’s global publications so it can focus on making amazing bikes. With all of their innovative feats of engineering, you’d think that the guys over at Ducati would’ve figure out that it’s not smart to take loose-leaf paper into a wind tunnel. 


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