Ding ding

Sexy bike seeks someone to ride it.


advertiser: Edmonton Bicycle Commuters
agency: DDB Canada, Edmonton
CD: Eva Polis
design director: Howard Poon
copywriters: Eva Polis, Krystin Royan
AD/photographer: John Halliday
account managers: Christina Muran, Martha Jamieson
print producer: Debbie Shinehoft
other credits: Melissa Hicks, Senior Graphic Designer

The bike in this guerrilla stunt, developed by DDB for the Edmonton Bicycle Commuter’s Society (EBC), was the unfortunate victim of domestic abuse in its last relationship. It still hasn’t managed to pull itself together. That is nothing, however, that a new loving partner and a healthy relationship couldn’t fix. The EBC wants Edmontonians to know that there are lots of single bikes around the city that would love to get into long-term relationships, or at least taken out for a nice ride on the town. You never know, it could be the start of something special.