Nope, this guy's never junked a Toyota.


advertiser: Toyota
agency: Bleublancrouge
account services: Julie Monette, Eve-Marie Boutet
media: Charles Gaudreau
CD: Gaëtan Namouric
copywriter: Maxime Paiement
AD: Jean-François Leblanc, Frédéric Roux
agency production: Lisa Arduini
direction: Alex Franchi
prodco: Jet Films
post-production: Motor
sound: Sonart

This dude’s seen a lot of junk cars in his day, cars of all types and all prices. But, as he admits while he’s interviewed in this spot for Toyota, developed by Bleublancrouge, he’s never ever towed one of those before. No siree bob. In fact, he seems to find the mere idea of doing so perplexing.