Drag and drop

Infoway thinks knowing is better than not.


advertiser: Canada Health Infoway
agency: Bensimon Byrne
CD: David Rosenberg
AD: Glen D’Souza
copywriter: Mike Takasaki
producer: Margaret John
group account director: Peter Hickey
account director: Jill Engelman
digital CD: Jon Toews
digital AD: Ulyssis Crisostomo
digital writer: John Czikk
technical development: Bryan Crisostomo, Brent Smyth, Matthew Ruten, Chris Mendis
online production: Robyn Smale
online account director: Carissa Dougall

When people are taken to the ER and unable to communicate, it makes it difficult for doctors to do their jobs properly because they have no access to the person’s medical history, allergies, medications, etc. That’s where electronic health records (EHR) come in and that’s what this campaign, developed by Toronto-based Bensimon Byrne for Canada Health Infoway, is promoting. It’s the first significant communication concerning EHRs in Canada. They give doctors patients’ medical info with a mere mouse-click. The campaign tagline is ‘Knowing is better than not knowing.’ This is very true, and in the sage words of G.I. Joe, ‘Knowing is half the battle.’