Dove made a mini summit.


advertiser: Dove
agency: Ogilvy
CD: Janet Kestin
writer: Janet Murray
AD: Mike Kirkland
account supervisor: Coby Shuman
account director: Aviva Groll
producers: Shenny Jaffer, Anne Marie Martignago
prodco: Family Style
director: ; Simonee Chichester
line producer: Liz Dussault
executive producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden
post production: Family Style, Redline
editors: Jon Eagan, Renee Goulet
executive producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden
post facilities: Tantrum
online editor: JR
music co: Vapor Music
producer/director: Joey Serlin
engineer: Julian Rudd

This video, developed by Ogilvy in Toronto, documents a workshop that Dove held during the Girls 20, a summit for young women around the world that took place during the G20 in Toronto. Dove’s workshop brought together 21 girls from around the world, including Canada, Malawi, Saudi Arabia, France, India and South Africa, to talk about being the leaders of tomorrow and how to help girls worldwide reach their full potential. We’re guessing a lot more got done than during the actual G20…if you don’t count burning cop cars that is.