Apple Auto Glass is about safety first.


advertiser: Apple Auto Glass
agency: JAN Kelley Marketing, Burlington, Ontario
CD: Lynn Ridley
AD: Mike Bzowski
copywriter: Chris Sanislo
agency producer: Lyle Turner
director: Matthew Swanson
prodco: Sons and Daughters, Toronto
executive producer: Liane Thomas
line producer: Neil Bartley
DoP: Chris Mably
editorial company: Poster Boy, Toronto
editor: Stephen Sora
music and sound design: Pirate, Toronto

As this spot by Burlington, Ontario-based Jan Kelly Marketing illustrates, even the most saftey-minded people have a wild side that occasionally causes them to uncharacteristically throw caution to the wind. When this happens while in their car, they run the risk of potentially getting a crack in their windshield, a tragic situation to be sure. But they shouldn’t worry. Apple Auto Glass is there to keep them safe.