Epic news

Sprint shows that back in the day, no news was good news.


advertiser: Sprint
agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
executive CDs: Jamie Barrett, Christian Haas
group CD: Icaro Doria
associate CD/AD: Aaron Dietz
associate CD/copywriter: Mandy Dietz
copywriters: Mandy Dietz, Steve Nathans, Trevor Houser, Kevin Leung
executive producer: Josh Reynolds
producer: Matthew Winks
account directors: Jessica Clifton, Kathryn Krischer
account manager: April Won
account coordinator: Ashley Erickson
asst account manager: Chris Dallmar
business affairs manager: Sara Jagielski
prodco: Hungry Man
directors: James Haworth, Whitey
DP: Joshua Hess
production designer: Molly Flanegin
line producer: Brian Quinlan
executive producers: Cindy Becker, Dan Dufy
editorial company: David Inc.
editorial contact: Janie Ford
editor: Stephen Berger
sound FX: Jay Herda
asst editor: Giselle Murillo
producer: Janie Ford
executive producer: Janie Ford
telecine: Mark Gethin (MPC)
mix: Jeff Payne (Eleven Studios)
final online: Adam Frazier (MPC)
VFX company: Moving Picture Company
VFX supervisor: Ryan Knowles
VFX producer: Andrew Bell
music company: Beta Petrol
executive producer: Dayna Turcotte
creative director: Bryan Ray Turcotte
Composers: Greg Chun, Nate Morgan, Rob Barbato
sound design company: Beta Petrol
sound designer: Michael Baird
executive producer: Dayna Turcotte
graphics company: Gentleman Scholar
executive producer: Rob Sanborn
GFX directors: William Campbell, Will Johnson
GFX producer: Tyler Locke
GFX design animator: Paul Yeh

Sprint enlisted Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to show that movies have become more epic because they can be downloaded at 4G speeds on Sprint’s new Epic 4G phone. Now Sprint customers can enjoy overacting and nonsensical plot devices on the go.